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I am sure you remember that saying they were putting on plaques all over that read, "Home is where the heart is!" Well, around my house, there is another saying, just by observation, and that is, "Home is where the clutter is." I even had it put on a magnet for my fridge. Papers, papers, and more papers.
Hello All my Dear Facebook Friends & Fam! I was just reading in Matthew 3:3 at the end of the Verse where it says, "Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make His paths straight." Hmm, got me thinking: in order to get to our backroom office's closet the other day, I had to first move a chair, and some boxes of papers so the path would be clear to walk through there. There is some clutter in my heart at times that GOD's Word pin points that I need to clear out, so there will be room for Him. I was going to wait till Spring for Spring cleaning; but looks like there's no better time than now.
I'll take out false-teachings to make room for truth.
I'll take out wrong relationships to make room for you.
I'll take out the worry, fretting, and fear
So there will be trust, and peace living here.
I'll dust all the cobwebs of anger and pride
So there's only room for forgiveness inside.
There goes the self-pity, and thinking about me
Now there is lots of room for the Prince of Peace.
Come on in Jesus, and fill these rooms too -
There was "no room" in the Inn, but now there's more room in me for You!
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