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More to be Gained in Christ

There is more to be gained IN Christ,
Than can ever be lost IN the world!
I wouldn't trade one hour in GOD's presence (the Secret Place)
For all that is in the world!
If I find my own life, I will lose it.
O, to seek Christ's life and not misuse it.
For to neglect so great a salvation
Would put me in the hour of great tribulation
GOD, there are so many being deceived
Forbid that it not include my children, nor me!
Would you trade your inheritance for one morsel of food?
Would you please yourself and say, "It is good"
Didn't GOD say to come out from among them?
To endure temptation until the very end?!
Would you talk yourself in to thinking wrong is right?
And give GOD no choice but to grant you a reprobate mind?
Hurry! Please hurry while there is still time:
Submit to GOD, resist the one who wants you to be left behind.
Agree with GOD that "sin" is sin:
Humble yourself, and receive grace again.
Seek the Lord, while He may be found. Please! Amen.
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