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Mothers and Fathers

When the Mother of Moses gave the one she loved most over to unpredictable waters, it had to be the greatest sacrifice a Mother could give; for she was giving up something from the deepest love of herself,
her womb.
When Mary, the Mother of Jesus surrendered the child of her womb, it was the ultimate sacrifice a Mother could give from the deepest part of herself.
When a Mother knows her child would have a better chance of life and health and education, and two parents to love and raise her child together, she gives from the deepest and greatest love she has in her from her womb, willing to deprive herself of the greatest happiness in her own life, for her child when she signs the adoption papers.
When GOD gave to us His only begotten Son, and abandoned Him on the Cross so that whosoever would believe on Him and obey what He says would not perish, but have everlasting life, this Father was giving the deepest, widest, highest, and the length and breadth of His great love.
A Mother, a Father sacrifices for their child out of this
same great love!
Now I am learning that sometimes a child grows up and has to surrender to a higher plan, and let go of a deep, deep heart desire- and that is, for their parent to live on earth with them always. GOD, You know; nevertheless, Thy will be done in Jesus' Name,
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