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If you don't have the time to read this story and have to save it for later, it's okay, but please read and pray the prayer with me for your day, at the bottom of the post.
My precious friends ages 5, 8, and 12 come over for "GOD time" on most Wednesday's, and I so look forward to it every week!!
At the end of our praise and Bible teaching time, Jonathan, the 8 year old asked me if I wanted to color with him. He showed me his Bible story coloring book and said, "Look! I brought all my crayons." I told him I'd love to color with him, and I picked out the "Tower of Babel." He said, "What's that?" I told him how everyone used to speak the same language till they decided to get to Heaven another way and built a tower, then GOD changed their languages so they could no longer communicate.
The 12 year old girl asked me, "Where was the Tower of Babel?" I told her I didn't remember, but would look it up. ( Now I say to myself, "Duh... Babylon".) The eight year old said, "I know! we can tell Mom and she can ask her Dermatologist."
HAHAHA! Now if that wasn't funny enough. The older sister replied, "That isn't called a "Dermatologist"... it's a Gynecologist!"
HAHAHA! O MAN, these kids have me in stitches with the laughter.
Then the sister said, "O wait! That's not right, it's a Genealogist."
They're just so much fun to listen to. It makes me think of how Jesus said, "Unless you become as a little child, you shall not enter into the kingdom of GOD."
He told us "Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies." We don't have to concern our self with having to be right, unless we are teaching about Who GOD is, and His Word.
We need to be more concerned with "Are we growing in the knowledge of love?" GOD is love, and if we love others, we are loving Him. Today I encourage you to concentrate on a "fruit of The Spirit" of GOD which stems from love, out of Galatians 5, and purposefully walk in it. For instance, "Kindness." I look that word up every now and then, to remind myself of what kindness is, so I'll grow in kindness. I have a long way to go, but I'm further than what I was.
Father, I pray for my Readers & their families: Thank You for Your fresh mercies upon us today! Thank You for loading us all up with benefits such as Your protection, Your kindness toward us, Your patience while we are learning to love and to pray.
I ask You show us how to abound in love one toward another, until we love ourselves, and all others around us just like You do. Father, I also ask for strength for my Readers in their physical bodies, and in their emotions. Don't let them be led by these, but to be led by the truth today that says, "Don't be afraid, only believe." That also says, "I will strengthen you; yes I will help you, and I will be there holding your right hand saying to you, "Fear not." Protect them, let not the wicked one touch them I pray. I ask You to bring salvation where they need it Father, and use them to bless the lives around them and to encourage them in Jesus' mighty and capable Name I pray. Thank You so much Father for answering, because I know it's Your will, Amen.
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