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My Prince

When I was a little girl, I would always dream
That a Prince on a white horse would someday marry me
And in my imagination, I would like to pretend
That this Prince would love me, O so much
And his love would never end...
And it would be so easy for me to love my Prince too
For you see, he would overlook my every fault
And help me through them too.
Then I went through adolescence
And O how hard it was for me to fit in someplace
To be accepted and loved, even with all my silly thoughts and ways.
O, I was still that little girl with the same old dream
But I saw no signs of a Prince, and I knew no king
And I was hurting O so bad: my life was full of sin
(Not a very good time to meet a Prince when you're ugly and dirty within.)
Then I met a lady and she invited me to her Church, and I went.
They were singing and praying, and I felt like something would be Heaven sent:
Then all of a sudden the Church doors flew open (and so did my heart!)
It was the Prince of glory, and He was riding on a white horse
And when He rode in, He was looking right at me. At ME!
He rode right up to me, and do you know what He said?
He said, "I've loved you since you were a little girl. I was in your dream!
I was the Prince on the white horse... Will you Marry Me?"
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