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If you are a Christian and say GOD doesn't speak to you, it is only because you may not realize He is. He said, "My sheep hear My Voice, and I know them and they follow Me." (John 10:27) Many of your thoughts are Him speaking. For example, when you hear things like: "I have GOT to start exercising more. "The book of Philippians would be good for me to read today." or "The neighbor over there could use a visit." "I wonder how so and so is doing? I should probably check." "It's showing disrespect to my spouse for me to have that thought, I should never think it again." "It would help my spouse if I....."  "That "food" doesn't even have any nutritional value in it, I don't need it." "This would be a good time to start a journal;" "make a menu for the week;"  "write out a budget;"  "make a list of priorities to accomplish."
Or, you will hear someone who knows you, or who doesn't, and they will say just the thing you needed to hear. I turned the radio on the other morning, and only do that every couple of months or so; but the idea came to me, and I thought, "Just in case that's The Lord, I'll turn it on."  I heard, at that VERY MOMENT on the radio, an answer to what I had asked GOD the night before. I'll go ahead and tell you what it was: I had asked Him, "Why do some children act out that particular way and how can my husband help his students who do?" The Christian channel the next morning was going into detail how two brothers were going through a certain abuse for two years until one boy finally screamed out and told his mother. The abuser got many years in prison. When I heard that, I knew to pray, "Father GOD, whatever is causing this behavior in this child, O GOD, let it be known and treated seriously right away please." I hope this helps someone. I knew The Lord put it on my heart to bring it up. Do you have an instance you'd like to share, where GOD spoke, or speaks to you?
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