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No Less and No More

Good Morning Father in Heaven! You sure are a wonderful Father!! Thank You for the sleep I got. I would have gotten a whole lot more if I hadn't been a ding-a-ling and drank that Dr. Pepper before bed. That wasn't too smart. At the time though, it sure was good. I forgot how good they taste, but I don't want to want one again anytime soon, especially in the evening, so I ask You divert my attentions to something more healthy to drink when I'm looking in the wrong direction please. Thanks!
Looks like it's going to be a pretty day. Thank You for the 3 bucks You sent to our yard yesterday, that was sure exciting, and majestic, too, to see them.
Wasn't it funny how all our photos we took got everything but their racks? HA! That's what we wanted to see most, but they kept moving. Look at that, we could have been enjoying watching them all that time instead of busying ourselves with trying to take just the right pic from just the right angle. We'll know better next time.
I don't remember if I have something I'm supposed to do today. Sure hope not; but if there's something on Your agenda, I'm open to it.
If there is someone who needs a Word You want me to give today, and need me to type it, text it, or call them on the phone, help me hear You good and give only what You want me to say: no less and no more. You know me, I like to try to get a word in; but don't let me, okay? I ask You to reprove me while it's in my thought so it don't slip out anywhere else. Thank You for that in Jesus' Name. Amen
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