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Psalma Mama
aka Dawn Gwin
No More Tears

You've been hurt and you've been lied to:
You've carried the hurt inside of you:
You have forgiven for years;
Bring to GOD all of your tears!
You want to get the victory, but can't seem to:
He sees your heart and hears what you desire to do:
He knows, at times you've wanted to give up too;
Bring to GOD all of your tears!
You have kept yourself from speaking your mind:
Been misunderstood time after time.
But you've continued to love, and to let GOD refine:
Bring to GOD all of your tears!
You have wondered how bad things will be
How much you and your children will see
Will they turn to GOD in time and live with Him eternally?
Bring to GOD all of your tears!
GOD knows you feel incomplete with them gone
He knows and He's there when you feel alone:
His Arms are open wide to you, and they're strong;
Let GOD wipe away all your tears!

Dear one, even our hidden tears we cry silently from the heart, GOD sees and He understands. He cares so much that He is taking account of them all, and collecting them in His bottle. Be encouraged! Why not come to GOD and let Him wipe away your tears, and comfort your heart?

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 11-05-09