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No One Can Help Me Now

It is obvious that nothing nor no one can help me now
I cannot imagine what would make them understand how.
If someone doesn't step in, I might have to give in;
But I don't want to go back to the nothing place I've been.
Every time it leads me to an ugly and awful dead end
There's nowhere else to go. O, if only I had a friend!
One that wouldn't help me hurt myself and go back:
One that would be the good example that I lack.

I just heard thunder and saw lightening flash across the sky:
O, if there is a GOD and He can help, I sure wished He'd try.
GOD, if You can hear me, I've got myself in another mess:
If You know what I've been through, then You know this too I guess.
I know I haven't been very good, but someone said You are,
So, I'm asking You help me for that reason... or, have I gone too far?
Suddenly the Sweetest Voice whispered in my ear:
"I've waited for you to call on Me, I have always been here."
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