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No Substitute for Obedience

Dadgum! I am realizing there is absolutely no substitute for obedience. The Lord was real stern with me back in 2009, and compelled me to eat only foods He made. October 10th of that year I vowed to Him I would do it until January 2010, and I kept that vow. My health so improved, and my vitality! In Psalm 103 His Word says, "He satisfies my mouth with good things so that the strength of my youth is renewed."
Duh! So why didn't I keep it up? The apple pie flung a craving on m...e, and there I went. So, here I am again Lord. I think I'm finally getting it, and it's nun-my-bizness why everyone else around can get by with eating any and everything and run circles around me. And it's nun-my-bizness to decide how long I will do right when You give me instructions for what's best. I apologize for taking my life in my own hands, and doing what I want to do. I've been around and around this mountain so many times, I've memorized how many trees are on it; but I'm stopping right now... here I go, I'm climbing it.
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