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Not A Good Trade
When one of my children was a child, I could always tell when they were lying: It was when they would blink their eyes repeatedly during the whole lie. HAHA! This child would get so mad that I knew they were lying; but a parent never reveals the secret signs to how they know things. Our children think we have eyes on the back of our head, don't they? HAHA! One of our children would turn pale when telling the lie. My husband just told me he remembers how one of them would shift their eyes from side to side when they weren't telling the truth.
I just called my parents to ask them if they could remember what I used to do as a kid when I lied. They couldn't remember, but had it on speaker phone. My Dad hollered out, "You used to have an uncle that would lie, and we could always tell when he did coz one eye would go all the way inward and the other one would go all the way outward."
Did you know the Bible says in Galatians 5:19-21 those who practice "lying" can't go to heaven?
Some of you are living one lie after another and are even lying to yourself to convince yourself GOD understands. It's a scary thing to not love the truth. Tell the truth to GOD about yourself; He knows it already anyway, but He is waiting for you to confess and forsake it.
I looked up the true meaning of a "Liar." It means: deceiver, fibber, perjurer, pretender; faker; false witness, fabricator, equivocator; fabulist. (I have no idea what these last two mean.) If you look at things in private that cause you to lust, but keep it a secret and tell people otherwise, you are lying. Romans 1:25 "Who change the truth of GOD into a lie and worship the creature more than the Creator Who is blessed forever, Amen." II Thessalonians 2:10-12 "And they deceive themselves into thinking they are right with GOD because they receive not the love of the truth that they might be saved; and for this cause, GOD shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie: that they all may be damned who believe not the truth but have pleasure in unrighteousness" (that is, things that aren't right.)
This is a warning from GOD our Father, and Almighty GOD, our Creator and King.
He calls the shots and Jesus is Lord!
You may be living lie after lie and not even realizing it. Talking a good talk when you're with Christians; but being another person entirely in the secret chambers of your heart. I love you and don't want to see you be shocked in the end when you stand before GOD and say, "Uhh, aren't You going to let me in?" and He says to you, "Depart from Me, you lived a lie; you lived to please your fleshly cravings, but did not deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Me." Please repent and turn to GOD while there is still time. Don't be deceived or lie to yourself any longer.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 05-30-15
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