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Now That I’m Gone

Now that I’m gone to be in Heaven with GOD,
Don’t live in shame for what you did or did not.
I don’t want you giving the devil one minute!
Don’t lose this battle: I want you to win it!!
You may not think you had time to prepare,
Don’t beat yourself up for not being here:
Because I would rather you be making memories,
Just like the ones made with you and me.
Don’t have regrets for not calling me more
If you were raising my grandchildren to know The Lord!
Don’t be sad you didn’t call,
If you were being there to catch them whenever they’d fall.
A big part of me will still live on;
Because all that I prayed in GOD’s will, will be done.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

GOD in Dawn Gwin (Mom) 05-09-15
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