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On a Swift Cloud

Have you ever taken your teen to the store with you, and you told them,
"Now when I'm ready to check out, I'm hauling it to the car, and you had better be there, because I don't want to go looking for you or have to page you?" After enough times of this happening and them not being there, did you say, "Look! If you're not there when I get the groceries in the car, I'm leaving, and you'll have to walk home." (Ya-uh, right!)
I told one of my teens that, he was still checking out the race car magazines on aisle 12, and I rolled my buggy to the car, unloaded it, put the buggy up, and he still wasn't there, so I left. HA!
I left that lane and went and parked a few lanes over and watched him come out, look around, put his hands on his hips with a look on his face that said, "Uhh, well, the nerve!" HAHA! After I let him suffer for a moment or two, here I came to the rescue. Was he grateful? Probably. Did he show it? No! He was busy pouting b/c I did what I said I would do.
Guess what? The Lord does what He says He'll do too! He reminds me often,
"GOD rides on a swift cloud."
(Isaiah 19:1.) He does, too! He will put it on my heart to do something, and if I dilly dally, guess what? A lot of times I miss the opportunity I could have had to please the Lord at that moment.
That's walking by faith: to step out and do what comes to my spirit, when it comes to my spirit, that will plant a seed, and bless someone, especially the Lord. GOD rides on a swift cloud.
I want to stay under it, so when He says "Move," I've got to move. When He says, "Speak to that person," I've got to deny myself, take up His will (my Cross), and follow Him that instant. In the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy and I'm abiding under the Shadow of The Almighty Himself. Woohoo!!!
O, and by the way, my teenage Son was always present when it came time to load the car with groceries after that day.
Also, that Scripture Verse has helped me to cut down on procrastinating more and more through the years!
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