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Once Again

We are not promised tomorrow; not even all of today,
But Father, You did say You'd be here every step of the way.
We have lived our life Lord, like it would never end,
Grabbing all the gusto in this life we can.
Now our eyes are a fountain as we cover our pillow with tears,
Going over the memories we've had these many years:
You have come to visit Your vineyard, Lord only to find
Some of our roots have dried up, there's no grapes on the vine.
We have not loved the truth, but have followed our own way:
So some of our leaves have withered, some have even fallen away.
America, "the land of the free, and the home of the brave;"
Yet we have used our freedom as a vice to act this way.
We repent our Father, of running after other gods;
Such as sorcery, and profane lips, we have angered You GOD.
We have committed adultery, by leaving our first love:
There is no Physician who can give us cure enough.
We have given our eyes to wickedness, and our bodies to sin.
Our fears have come upon us, our country is filled with treacherous men.
Hear our prayers O my Father, and our cries, "O, what have we done?"
Our enemies have sieged us, and it appears they have won.
But there is still hope O my Father, if we turn from our sin:
We turn right now to our Savior! Please save us all once again!!
In Jesus' Name, Amen.
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