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One Man Found a Cure

We got to the end of our meal, which was delicious Chinese food;
Then the waitress brought us our fortune cookie which was also good.
Each of us read our paper from our cookie out loud:
"I must speak with the manager”, I said, "and tell them what I found."
It was a fun moment; one I wouldn't dare pass up:
I wanted to witness of the Lord, and show the man GOD's Love.
He asked me, "What is the problem?" I told him, "My cookie is wrong."
He laughed because I was smiling. He was kind and very young.
I told him "My cookie says, "Money is the root of evil" and "that isn't right:
It should say, "The love of money", you should have seen his eyes!
While he spoke, I sensed this kind young man was full of cares
I very softly asked if I may offer him my prayers
I told him of the love of GOD and what Jesus did for him
He frowned as he replied, "I care nothing about Him!"
When I asked what he meant, he stated quite clearly,
"You can talk to another god, you can talk to him for me."
I told him quite sincerely, and in a humble way,
"I only pray to Jehovah, He is GOD of the U.S.A."
"What's he done for you?" The kind young man asked.
"He took away my guilt" I said, "and forgave me of all my past!"
I added, "He hears and answers my prayers: does your god answer yours?"
The kind man looked puzzled and said, “I do no prayers of course.
I just respect him and honor him.” I asked, “So, you know him well?”
He answered, “I do not know him at all, I just have heard the tale.”
He said, “A man can die but still his teachings can help us today,
Like Luis Pasteur whose discovery cures help us, though he passed away.”
I felt led to ask the man if he was afraid of death.
He said, “Of course!” and laughed, “They haven’t found a cure for that yet.”
I smiled and asked him, “O, you haven’t heard? One man found a cure:
We can pass from death to life, and live forever I am sure!”
I got to tell Him of Jesus again, and why He lived and died;
Then I got the chance to share with him, how “Jesus is alive!”
I left the restaurant and prayed, “Lord, reveal Yourself,
And give this young man faith and grace and all of Heaven’s wealth.”
In Jesus’ Name, Amen."
I hope you will pray for him with me when you read this.
I’m sorry, I don’t know his name,
but GOD does.
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