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Only Love in Our Heart

Have you ever noticed, when you take time to be still in the presence of GOD, His power and love are so strong, you let down all your defenses, because you know all of what you are and all of what you are not,
is before such a holy GOD.
When GOD spoke to Moses from the burning bush, since GOD is a “consuming fire,” GOD told Moses to remove his sandals, for wherever the soles of our feet stand in the presence of the Lord Almighty,
it is holy ground.
Jesus can have no evil thought or impurity in Him, for He is holy.
The beauty of the Lord is His holiness, and He tells us to worship Him
“in the beauty of holiness.” Not in the beauty of voice, or apparel, or appearance, but in the beauty of purity and a clean heart before Him;
with only love in our heart for GOD and others.
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