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Our Life Is Like A Flower
Soon this writing will be placed in a file, or stacked on the
bottom of a pile.
Just like this morning will turn to noon, then the day find its end soon.
Our life, like a flower is here and gone; but the memory of our fragrance will live on.
We must make the most of every breath; for this moment
shall end in death.
We can speak words to help another along; or to cheer a soul, we can sing a song.
Or bring a laugh & brighten their day; we can please our Lord
& walk in faith.
We can ask Him for a word in due season, maybe for a stranger just for no reason;
A broken spirit dries the bones, but we can repair them with our cheery tones.
As we think of another, our burdens are less: so may we live our day for others to bless..... until we lay our head on our pillow to rest! Amen.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 04-01-15
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