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Pastors, Part I

We’re living in a day where good is called “evil”
And where evil is called “good” by the majority of the people.
More and more Pastors are being man pleasers,
Instead of fearing GOD, and loving people… the ole’ geezers
They want to make people feel good, and get patted on the back,...
Instead of bringing deliverance, to receive freedom where they lack.
I’m talking about many who call themselves, “Christian”
But they sure aren’t following Jesus! Something huge is missing.
The something huge, is GOD Himself: He’s the Love the lost sheep crave!!
Love doesn’t play paddy-cake with sin, it tells it, “GOD is Mighty to save!!”
If we are really Christians, we’ll spread the “GOOD" News:
Instead of spreading gossip about everyone who’s got the blues!
It’s no wonder people don’t want to know Jesus, if He’s anything like us:
Why would they want to join a family who only complain and fuss?
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