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Please Scoop Us Up

How long has it been since you felt the "little child" in you being afraid?
I haven't felt it in a long time until today: It started out I got a phone call early this morning from my and my husband's very close friend whom we feel kin to, whom I minister at jail and here and there with. He said, "I'm having tightness in my chest and some pains." Before he could say another word, I told him to be still, put in his peaceful worship c.d. he talks about all the time, and wait for Honey George and I to get there. We called the Dr. and had him in, they checked him out, and 7 hours later, we left with the news that "something is amiss, just not sure what yet till we do the heart cath in a.m." I can't even imagine how the people in Nepal feel, not even knowing where their friends are, where their parents or children are buried under the rubal. O GOD, bless them abundantly with Your very presence and reveal Yourself through all of this to them. It is so hard to see the ones you care so deeply about, to go through hard trials. My ministry partner/friend/brother has already had some major heart operations; but I put him in GOD's Hands... the best place.
Then on the way back home from the hospital an hour away, there came a sudden thunderstorm that turned violent with large hail stones. I cried out, "Father, we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus and we want no part of hell, I don't care how it's spelt." Did you know the hail stopped?! At one point, Honey George kept looking on his left while barely seeing where we were going in front of us. I said, "Why do you keep looking over there? It's scaring me." He said, "Look what's up in the sky with a tail on it!! That's why!!" I looked, and it was a huge funnel cloud. I said, "Father, this is getting pretty serious!" George started laughing at my reaction to it all, but it wasn't funny to me. You sure learn your weaknesses when you're in a trial you can't do anything about. You sure learn Who can when you can't no more!
I cried out to GOD and said, "Father, now I'm little girl scared, and I'm not kidding!"
I closed my eyes real tight (it's a good thing I wasn't behind the wheel HA!)
I said, "Father, please scoop us up on Your big ole' lap and keep us safe please, coz' we can't do a thing about this for ourselves or anyone around us, so please help them too in Jesus' Name." I kept saying this Scripture to Him over and over to please Him and comfort myself: "What time I am afraid, I will trust in You." Right Lord, I trust in You?" We couldn't see the car in front of us and didn't want to run into it. We were afraid we would because we couldn't see their lights when they'd brake at all. Praise GOD though because He heard our cries, and He kept His promise to "stand over His Word ready to perform what it says." The storm let up then we got to another one and I kept saying the Verse, "The Name of The Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run in to it and are safe." We were safe too! GOD got us through that one. It wasn't over. Then we turned a corner and there was a car pile-up right before a river in the road. Yes, I said there was a "river" in the road with a swift current. One car was in stuck in water up above the tires. I cried out to GOD again for them and us with this Verse in the Bible: "And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you." I said that all the way through the water, and we made it to the other side hallelujah to GOD. None of the other cars nor trucks dared go through it. O how I thank GOD for His Word and that He stands over it ready to perform what it says. How adventurous this day turned out to be! Thank You Father for taking care of our Henry, and for Your protection once again. Amen.
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