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Pleasing in His Sight

GOD hasn’t given up on you. May the Lord
bless you with understanding.
Good Morning All! When I first started learning to play guitar, my fingertips got so sore, and I could have easily given up on learning and going any further than the pain. Thank GOD I didn't stop there, because I love to play in the presence of GOD just to Him. Also, I love it when the Lord uses my guitar to open people up who would otherwise stay silent or shy. The way He can use the songs to get a whole group singing along amazes me, for we are all in unity then, and He loves that!!
Back to my fingers being sore, I had to keep playing, even when they were very sore, so that my fingers could build calluses on them. I would play every day until my fingers hurt, rest them, then play again; rest them then play again. After building calluses, you can't even feel the strings on your fingers, and can walk up and down the
neck of the guitar with ease.
No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11. (Forming new habits replacing the bad ones isn't easy, but it is worth it for many reasons.)
The place we don’t want calluses, is on our heart. When we are tempted and drawn away from GOD’s way by our own lust, and when we are enticed and give in to sin, we disobey GOD. At first we are truly sorry, and walk away from the sin, and to GOD. He gives us grace, because we humble ourselves and return to His will, leaving our will behind. Like playing the guitar at first, it brings us pain we don’t want to inflict upon ourselves again. The pain we feel after we have given in to a sin, and displeased GOD is like no other. We lie if we say we have no sin, but GOD wants us to overcome the one He is dealing with us about, so we can grow, and go on to something else, and something else. My guitar playing would become stagnate if I kept playing the same ole’ song, and didn’t learn new chords, and new songs. I would not get the full pleasure of learning to play skillfully, if I just picked it up once in a great while. And GOD wants us to practice living a new life, a life of following Jesus instead of the old life. He tells us “If we confess our sins, GOD is faithful and fair to forgive us our sins (when we agree with Him about it), and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I love that feeling of clean, don’t you?!
If we willfully open our fragile heart to the same sin after GOD has dealt with us to lay down the weight and the sin that so easily draws us away from GOD’s plan and purpose for our lives, GOD resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. GOD stiff-arms the proud; that is, He rejects our prayers if we fail to let Him deal with us about them. “If you regard iniquity in your heart, GOD will not hear you.” (Psalm 66:18.) To be out of the fear of GOD, is a scary place to be in. Not because we’re afraid of GOD zapping us, but because we take ourselves out from under His protection, from our own yard, to a stranger’s yard that has a big mean
unmerciful dog, so to speak.
GOOD NEWS: On the other hand, “Whatever you ask, you receive because you keep His commands and do those things
that are pleasing in His sight.”
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