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Pray Without Ceasing

I am understanding more and more, why GOD says to "Pray without ceasing." There are so many things that have been "recalled" that we consume on or in our bodies. The devil wants us to walk in fear so he can laugh; but we won't. Good news is, everything we eat or drink is sanctified by prayer and the Word of GOD. (I Timothy 4:5) I believe that includes anything we consume. I ask GOD to sanctify my drinks; even my bottled waters I drink every day; along with any meds I take, lotion or body cream I use, or cologne; even the hair products, and soap I use. In Jesus' Name, all things are possible to
him who believes.
He can't sanctify our thoughts, so let us remember to guard our hearts with all diligence: for out of our heart are all the issues of life. (Proverbs 4:23.)
Father, I love you and thank You for the comfort and quietness you bring to my spirit through all the turmoil around. I ask that You bring my readers to a place today of utter trust in You for safety, for provision, for wisdom, and that You take away any doubt from any of us, so we may please You fully, in Jesus' Name, thank You so much, I know this is Your will,
so Amen.
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