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Precious Memories
Readers, I feel led to share something with you that happened awhile back. It will be good to recall it! I was in our back room, had turned my praise songs off after singing to The Lord with them a little bit. My feet were hurting so bad, as they had off and on for a few months; sometimes even touching the floor while sitting, or the bed while laying. It was weird. On this particular day of my personal time with GOD, I got mad at the pain, and The Lord put the Scripture Verse on my heart, "Where The Spirit of The Lord is, there is liberty." I thought, "Hey, ya-uh, Jesus lives in me and He don't have sore feet." I kind of laughed about it at first as I began dancing around and singing, "Jesus, You're in my feet. Lord Jesus, You're in my feet. Jesus, You're in my feet. I know You are in my feet." After I repeated this a few times, I got happy. How many of you know what I'm talking about? I guess I began to believe what I was saying, and kept singing it. As GOD as my witness this morning, the pain went away totally and completely and has never returned. That is a memory so precious to my soul!!
Now, duh.... why haven't I tried that since my fall down the stairs?
Lord, I say with Your other disciples who said it... "I believe; but help my unbelief! Let us believe You for mightier things than we ever have; for You are able. Amen."

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 03-31-15
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