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When our life's work is ended, and it's all said and done,
We will look back over our life to find; we were the audience of One!
If you want to know GOD's will for your life, walk in love with everyone you meet, and that love will lead to your purpose.
Father GOD, Your thoughts toward me are more than the
grains of sand:
And nothing can compare to what You provide by Your mighty Hand!
Thank You for thinking about us like that!
We say “It’s hard!” but it is not like what Christ did for us!
If we want to wear a crown, we must first bear the Cross.
None can stop GOD's love from finding its way
Into a troubled heart who calls on His Name.
As I walked and talked to Jesus and opened up my heart,
I turned and saw Him with me: He said, "I've been here from the start.
Some people have a lot of baggage and haven't yet learned to talk to GOD and leave it there. So, usually the words they say are mostly them unpacking.
Pray GOD sets them free and teaches them to pour out their heart like water before Him only.
Jesus just whispered in my spirit, "Your sicknesses and infirmities were not nailed on the Cross, I was. Your sicknesses and infirmities were not on the cross, they were on Me."
She couldn’t find Love all the years she sought for it;
Because she found out “Love” is not an “it”. Love is a “Who”.
GOD is the Love she longed for; because GOD is Love.
Man sees our actions, our failures, and mistakes
But GOD sees our potential at His Throne of Grace.

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Psalma Mama
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