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Hello my dear Reader! Thank you for joining me in my lessons I learn from GOD. I'm loving it, and hope you do as well.

In Acts 3, Peter and John were on their way to go to the prayer meeting, when they saw this man who had been unable to walk since he was born, and had to be carried everywhere he went. The man would sit and ask for money. You know the story: If Peter and John saw the man in that situation today, they might say something like, Look Dude, we're broke, but Hey! We'll give you what we have: "Come on! In the Name of Jesus Christ, get up and walk Man!" Now, back then, Peter took the guy by the right hand and lifted him up, because Peter believed what he said in that Name, would happen, and "immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength; so he, leaping up, stood and walked into prayer meeting with them - "walking, leaping, and praising GOD." Let this be an encouragement to us today and every day for the rest of our lives, to reflect on what Jesus gave us; and GO GIVE IT.
The Lord Jesus will work with you as you do, with signs following. O Yes!

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