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Replace it with Something Better

Children and puppies have this one thing in common: you take something away from them they shouldn't have, and they scream and cry; that is until you replace it with something else. My puppy was just hanging on to the end of my very nice robe and shaking it with his mouth. It's cute and darling, but a big rip or the hem torn out of my robe wouldn't be too darling, so I knew I had to act quick! While Benny had the end of my robe in his mouth, I could tell nothing was going to faze him or distract him from it until I replaced it with something better. He loves anything with noise, so I reached over to the cabinet and grabbed a tablet, quickly tore off a sheet, wadded it up into a ball, and that did it. At the sound of me wadding up the paper, he already let go of my robe and had his tongue hanging out, ready to make a run for it and chase the paper, so I threw it, and that had his attention for a minute or two chasing it and tossing it up in the air and acting silly with it.

Like Benny, don't you remember when your child would get ahold of something they didn't need to be playing with, but when you went to take it from them, they screamed bloody murder? They screamed when they were left holding nothing, but when you replaced it with something better for them, they were okay with that.

Have you got ahold of something that maybe has a hold on you, and you know it isn't good for you, but you whine at the thought of letting go of it, or her or him? Could be, you just need to replace it with something better, like a good habit of playing an instrument; developing the talent GOD gave you; spending the time with Him instead of with what or who is stunting your growth and keeping you from a close walk with GOD and finding your purpose for being here, along with true fulfillment in your life. I can tell you from experience, it is found, not in living to please you, but Him, and looking to meet needs in others and helping them up a step.

I encourage you to put off the old man's dirty clothes with his selfish deeds and put on the new man and clean garments the Lord provided for us all. I know there's a life of joy in abundance waiting for you to do that very thing. The Lord's strength will do it in you as you let it go, and let Him do it in you.

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