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Road Trip

My son just called, we were talking and I asked him if he remembered something. He did and we laughed about it. I want to share it with you and tell you a lesson The Lord laid on my heart about it.
My son was around 11 or 12 yrs. old and my husband George, son Dwight, and I were on a road trip. We had just went through a small town about ten minutes before, when my son said frantically, "I need to go to the restroom really bad!" How many of you have a child that is never "hungry," they're always "starving?" Ha!
So, I told him we were about 30 minutes from the next town, so he would have to find some bushes, he said he would. We pulled over to the shoulder: Dwight had to run up an incline about 15 feet, and when he did, he turned around really fast, and with eyes as big as saucers, ran back down the hill to the car and got in. His Dad and I were laughing so hard, and asked what was wrong. He answered out of breath, "There's a great big snake up there!" I told him, "I bet you don't have to go anymore, huh?" He told us he did, so I told him, as George pulled back onto the highway, he was "just going to have to wait till the next town." My son asked, "How?" I said, "You just gotta get your mind off of it." He rolled his eyes and replied, "How do you expect me to do that Mom?" Hahaha! You know kids like that, right?
I said, "Well, you just have to think of something else, like One - two... hold it for a few." He pretended like he didn't want to go along, then said, "Three - four, I can't no more!" I was all excited he was getting the hang of it, and smiled exuberantly as I hollered out, "Five - six, you're in a fix!" to which Dwight replied, (uncaringly I might add) "Seven - eight, you got that straight!" "Ahhhh" I continued, "Nine - ten, let's do it again!" Without a break, Dwight said boldly, "Eleven - twelve, it's beginning to swell!" Hahaha!!!! I started the stupid rhyme again, and when we got to "Nine - Ten," we both looked up to see a little gas station right up the road. I smiled happily and told him, "See? Nine - Ten, and that's the end."
He came out from the restroom, crossed his eyes, smiled and said, "Eleven - Twelve, Boy that was swell!"
That was sooo funny and we always remembered that; but what if I had told him, "Dwight, you go back there and pee on that snake and let him know who's who. And if Dwight had asked me, "What if the snake bites me?" and I would have said, "We will deal with that later if it even happens, I would have handled it all wrong; yet isn't that what many of us do? We might say in our thoughts, "I will hurt them before they have a chance to hurt me. Isn't it dumb when we go back to a relationship where we love the person but they don't know how to love and so we let them wound us. We go away, get healed, forget how badly it hurt, then go back and get wounded again.
The day The Lord gave me permission in my spirit to stay away from those whom I was enabling to displease GOD by allowing them to treat me that way, the day I was set free even more emotionally. Matthew 10 was the Truth I needed. Maybe you need it too. If someone in your life stunts your growth, and you go backward every time you get around them again, even if it's a phone call, it is unhealthy for you, and you are out of GOD's will for your life and theirs. I encourage you to set yourself free to have your visits be few and far between; then you will set them free to allow GOD to show them things that need changed in their lives also. In Philippians 4, GOD tells us the specific things to think on. Anyone in our life that we cannot obey this command around, has got to be in our life only in small doses, or we are living to please man instead of GOD. That's the truth! Amen?
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