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On studying about Jesus carrying the Cross He was about to die on, I realize our spouse is not our Cross; our job is not our Cross; our sickness and/or afflictions are not our Cross; but I am seeing, it is our response to these that is our Cross. Since "Cross" represents death, dying to old thoughts is our Cross. GOD told us to "put on the Mind of Christ." Jesus said, "If you desire to come after Me (that is, do what I do), then deny yourself, take up your Cross, and follow Me. (Luke 9:23) For instance, when I stopped trying to change my husband back in early 90's, when I read
I Peter 3:1-6 and became a doer of it, while I was
pleasing GOD and changing myself, GOD made my
husband into the loving man I needed.
Father in Heaven, help us to prioritize our time and be willing to
"put on" the thoughts of Christ and to believe Your report, and not
what we see, in Jesus' Name, thank You, Amen.
I see the Cross as also representing, VICTORY; FREEDOM over sin, death, the second death,(only those who don't live for Jesus suffer that) and the empty Cross represents the resurrection power because JESUS IS OFF THE CROSS. Jesus is not on the Cross anymore. "It is no longer "I" who lives; but Christ in me": not the wounded, belittled, suffering servant, despised, rejected Christ on the Cross, but the resurrected Christ Who lives in me, the Victorious Warrior; the Lion; the Truth lives in me, and in you if you have been born-again. His Royal Blood flows through us
my Brother, my Sister!
Let's walk and talk like a Prince/Princess of Royalty!!!!!
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