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Seeing Jesus is Enough for me!

I read the Verse in Colossians where GOD tells us to keep our "thoughts on things above and not on things of the earth." I said, "Father I would if I knew more of what was up there!" So I thought about the streets of gold, the jasper walls, and other jeweled walls, and the gates made of pearls. That wasn't doing a thing for me because they just don't matter to me.
Then I thought about meeting David who wrote the Psalms, and asking him to tell the story again about how it felt to trust the Lord that much, and defend GOD's honor like he did. I thought about meeting Esther who was chosen for just that time. I thought about Ruth who left all to follow Naomi, like we are to leave all and follow Jesus. Jesus! All He has done for me is worth me saying "No" to sin and "Yes" to Him. Seeing Jesus is enough for me!
Just being at Home with Jesus will be enough for me!
Touching Jesus will be enough for me!
Walking and talking, laughing and singing with Jesus will be enough for me!
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