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I've always laughed about the idea of a "Pet Psychologist" but I could sure go for one now. Ha! I know GOD is our best source, and am seeking His help. He may give wisdom through you. Our little puppy, Benny, is now about 9 or 10 weeks old, and is he ever loveable. But, there is one who thinks him to not be so loveable, and that is Katy, our frazlin' fuzzy headed cranky old lady dog, who is jealous to boot.
We have been separating the two as much as we can because the little toot wants to play and chew on everything, especially Katy's legs and feet, since that's all little Benny can reach. Katy has hurt Benny a couple of times, where he'll run away from her, but he's quick to forgive and forget. Yesterday though, Katy out and out attacked the little baby. Katy has been on some strong allergy meds here recently that make her spacey, and impatient. I was gone yesterday afternoon and George let them out together. Katy attacked little Benny again, so now we have to keep them completely apart. Benny has finally learned he can forgive, but he doesn't need to forget the dangers he puts himself into when he gets around an aggressive dog.
Do you or someone you know suffer the aggression of an angry person? Do you yet realize the dangers you put yourself in? If you'll take this wisdom and instruction from GOD, He will be your help; but if you don't He won't: "Have no fellowship with an angry man" GOD said. Of course that means "woman" also. There are too many help centers and crisis hotlines to help you out of the situation. If you'll private message me, I can help you find resources in your area. GOD bless you as you seek help His way; for "He is a present Help in times of trouble."
Proverbs 14:7 and 22:24

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