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Shepherd and Guide my Thoughts

There are times in my Christian walk I have seen the need for GOD's direction on how to treat people in my thoughts. I know that sounds strange and you might ask yourself, "How can I treat someone a certain way in my thoughts?" It is because we put off certain vibes in the air according to how we are thinking when we are with a person, despite how we may speak or act outwardly. We can be acting kind outwardly but being critical inwardly, and all the person feels is that we are being critical and dishonest. I have been guilty of that. In fact, GOD has come and told me at times, "Your personality stinks right now: you need to ask Jesus to be Lord over your personality!" WOW! I remember the first time He told me that, how shocked I was that He heard my thoughts that well. I was also so very grateful for Him correcting me, or else my words would fall to the ground without encouraging the person at all.
Father in Heaven, Shepherd and guide my thoughts with Your Word, over my personality today that I might walk in kindness with patience and understanding today, I pray in Jesus' Name, thank You, Amen.
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