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Sit Down America

Now, the devil may have stolen some beauty all across this land
He has snatched away family members that stopped a family band
He has taken the lives of too many men and women in many a war
Our enemy has fought us all our lives because he hates the Lord.
We were made in GOD’s image, and Jesus calls us, “friend:”
Our enemies hate it when we pray and GOD comes to defend.
The devil has stolen children, he has taken sight, and limbs
He has accused the brethren and separated many friends.
Now, the devil has stolen our money, when we have
failed to use it right:
He has stolen many truths from our hearts when we
forgot to hold it tight.
He has divided many a household, I hope it doesn’t happen to you!
The enemies of our soul have stolen our peace a time or two.
He has stolen closeness of family members through
discord, and pride
But do not despair, take courage; for GOD is on our side
GOD’s Word endures forever, so sit down and learn it well !!
Then pray it and stand up and use it, to bring them back from hell !!
The devil puts it into the thoughts of men, to live a selfish life
GOD said, “They’ll be lovers of themselves” and we are
living in those times.
Now the devil might steal our landmarks:
He might even steal our U.S. of A.
But GOD's Truth is the Truth forever.
And GOD's LOVE is in our hearts to STAY!

I cried through writing this whole thing in repentance for our nation.
You may have too!
GOD’s very powerful grace in Dawn Gwin 07-26-15

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