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So Walk in Him

I love the book of Colossians (don't you?) and was reading in it just now, and came across Chapter 2 again and verse 6 where GOD through Paul exhorts us: "As you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him."
Have you "received Christ Jesus the Lord" or are you just trying to be a good person the best you can, and you talk to GOD once in a while, or maybe every night before you go to sleep, and that's about it? This is a beautiful reminder from our Father to remember the day we were born-again/ saved/adopted by our heavenly Father. Since He said to "walk in Him" in the way you first met Him... hmmm, what was I doing that day that He wants me to pick up and begin doing again, and to continue in?
I just asked Honey George what he was doing that he could do now, and he said, "I realized I couldn't do right on my own, and I realized I needed to ask forgiveness of my sins; then after I did, I started wanting to please Him."
If I am to take this serious (which I am) and want to be a doer of the Word, and not just a hearer only, I would have to say, the way I "received Christ Jesus the Lord" is, I realized I was a sinner in need of a Savior. The Lord guided me to read Romans 10:9, 10 that day that said, "If you will confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that GOD raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." I obeyed what I read, so I guess that is telling me, I need to be more aware of what I'm reading from His Word, and check myself if I am doing it, or just think it's nice. One day I was reading, "Shout to the Lord with a voice of triumph." I thought to myself, "Oooo, isn't that cool?!" Right then, the Lord spoke to my spirit and said, "Well, aren't you going to do it?" HA! He is so much fun to know!!
If you were to "walk in Him" the way you "received Christ Jesus the Lord," what would you do?
If you haven't "received Christ Jesus the Lord" yet, you can. If you will from your heart do what I did and read Romans 10:9, 10 and do what it says, you can be adopted today too and have a real loving and caring Father Who alone can forgive you of your sins and clean your conscience, so you'll be guilt-free. He will show you your purpose for being in this world, and you will never regret it.
I hope this encourages you as it does me today. Amen.
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