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Softly and Tenderly

I went out and laid in the yard to spend some time with GOD
I thought the sky would be full of stars, but it was not.
I said, "Lord, it sure is foggy tonight, there’s only one star in the sky:
But You said the sky gives knowledge in Psalm 19, so here am I.
I'm trusting You do what You say, but I must have picked
the wrong night;
I don't see any knowledge up there, and look! No stars are in sight."
I started to pick up my blanket and haul myself back inside
But when I thought to leave, the Lord nudged me to stay that night.
I'm so glad I did, because He began to speak to me
In a way I hadn't heard Him before, softly and tenderly:
He said, "You see only one star, but the whole sky is full of them!"
Then He paused. I could tell I was about to gain more
knowledge of Him.
He compelled me to look at the whole sky; then He said, "Listen close
I AM about to tell you what I want the whole world to know:"
"There will be times you cannot hear Me: you’ll want to
throw in the towel:
But like the stars are there always, I will stay as close to you as
I AM now."
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