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Song of Her Beloved

He had wooed her for some time, but now was out to swoon
The heart of a hand-maiden, and be her beloved Groom.
Behind all deep human love is the greatest love there is:
The love of the Son of GOD Who, for the life of His bride, gave His.
The Voice of her beloved called louder than before:
“Rise up My love, My fair one,” as He knocked upon her door.
“Come away My beautiful Dove, winter is past, the rain is gone:
The flowers also are budding, and the singing birds have come.”
He lingered outside her window, throwing pebbles as He sang,
“I will love you forever, let Me see your lovely face.
Let Me hear your voice again: come away, I’ll set you free:
Take away the little foxes that steal your love from Me.”
He knocked until the break of day, and the shadows fled away:
She thought she’d get some sleep then answer Him the next day;
But her beloved had departed, so she sought Him but found Him not.
She wished so bad she had answered the door when He knocked!
The maiden began to inquire about the One Who called her His “Dove”
“Tell me,” she said in a panic, “where is He whom my soul loves?!”
“What is your beloved anymore than any other?” some people asked:
“He is altogether lovely” she answered, and her pain she could not mask.
The ones who guarded the city began to pray in earnest for her:
It wasn’t long, she found Him Whom her soul longed for.
She held Him close and never let Him go until this day -
Her beloved lavishes her with love, and stays throughout each day.
When they met, He told her she had many debts, like unbelief and pride;
also selfishness, and unforgiveness was behind her eyes.
After she confessed that all He had said was true,
He asked her, “Will you be My Bride; for I have chosen you?!”
He said, “I believed all along you would make the right decision;
That is why I called you “My Dove”: because I knew you would have single vision.
And they lived happily ever after.
The End
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