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Sorting Through Stuff Part I

I don’t know about you, but I like “Garage Sales.” I like to find interesting things at a great price, especially things I never thought to look for, but can really use. I recently found a really cool electronic, audio device that allows me to record my guitar playing w/ vocals online. I could tell it had not been used, and was one of those expensive gadgets we all buy and are thrilled about; we get home and say, “Yes! I own one of these now!” Then we forget about it:  at least I have been guilty of this. Through the years, I have gotten better at waiting until I see a need for something, then shopping at Garage Sales for that particular item; what gets me though is, well… it’s kind of like going to our favorite department store: we go with list in hand, but see so many other fun items that we come away with more than we intended to.

This past Saturday, I started to give in to an impulsive urge to stop at a house with lots of goodies in the drive, only to realize the woman of the house had taken everything out of her garage and was sweeping the garage down, cleaning the whole thing out. As I drove by slowly, I couldn’t help but notice the different piles of stacked up stuff, like furniture in one heap; outdoor equipment in a pile of its own, and so on. As I drove on past I thought to myself first of all, “I sure am glad I didn’t embarrass myself, stop my van, walk up the drive and inquire of the woman as to what she would take on the volleyball set that lay atop one of the many piles.”
Also, as I drove slowly by, I thought about the piles and how one pile was probably “give away”; another pile would go to family members so they could rubbish through and thin out what they want and don’t want; the other piles would be gone through once more, then what could be organized would be, and the other items would simply return back to the garage in its familiar spot, not being needed yet just there to take up space.

When my husband, George and I moved here to East Texas almost 3 years ago, I told myself that I would hold myself accountable for finding a “place” for all our stuff that I could on each wall, and each drawer in the house, and that whatever else was left, would have to go. Hmm, that idea was short lived! I have given away a lot of things, but could still let go of more. I wonder what else I need to let go of. I am asking the Lord and asking myself, “What do I hold on to in my heart that needs to go for good?!”
As I drove away from the woman’s house who was cleaning her garage, It was then I told myself, “I need to be renovated: to take an inventory of all that’s in my own heart, sort through it, making the piles. I would appreciate your prayers that GOD would point out to me, all the rubbish that needs to go; what is not worth giving away; and not worth holding on to; and what it needs to be replaced with.

Renovation! To Renovate means to restore to life, vigor, or activity; to revive; to restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding.) Synonym is: Renew (to make like new; restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection; to make new spiritually; regenerate; to begin again; to resume, replace, replenish. Also Renew is to grant an extension of or on; to become new, or as new.

Refurbish means to brighten up, or, to Renovate. And after Renovation, comes the Reopening!

To Reopen is to begin again.

Still sorting! -Dawn
Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:27 pm

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