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Special Prayer from Psalma Mama

My ultimate goal in life is, to make GOD famous. It may or may not make sense to someone who reads this, but what I mean is, so many don't know what the real GOD is like. The majority think He's pointing His Finger at them, when He says Himself in Isaiah 58 not to point our finger. He doesn't do that... He reaches out His big strong capable Hand to us continually. It's just that, we don't know it, so we don't grab hold.
Please grab hold now, as I pray this prayer for you from... His Word. That means it's His will, and it also means, He will answer from today on.
It is taken from His beautiful Word in Colossians 1:9-13 Father, I pray that each one who reads this or who has ever read anything here You have poured into my heart, fill them with the knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding so they might have a walk pleasing unto You, being fruitful from Your Spirit, in every good work, increasing in the knowledge of GOD. Strengthen them O GOD with all the might and power You have, to overcome evil; to be patient with themselves and others, and to exercise longsuffering love with joyfulness; giving thanks unto You Father Who has qualified them already to be partakers of the inheritance with the saints in Your light.  You have delivered them from the power of darkness, and transplanted them like a tree, into the kingdom of the Son of Your love. Open their eyes to see it is done already, and because of what Jesus did on the Cross for us, we have freedom from bondage by the One Who bought us with His life. We have redemption through His blood, even the forgiveness of sins. O hallelujah, let them see themselves as You do in Jesus' Name, thank You Father. And like my little friend Alaya would say, Amen Yey!
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