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Start Out Believing Small

While my Mother was teaching me to play the ukulele, what kept me wanting to learn at age six is, her telling me what I would be able to play later on "if you keep practicing and put your mind to it”. Sure enough, I kept practicing and learning and got a few songs down; then before you know it, by about age nine or so, I had the desire to learn to play Mother's guitar.
When I started playing it, it was altogether different: a much larger size, the chords were more complicated, but I loved the challenge. Mother said if I would learn the "little songs" I learned on the uke, I could grow up to play just about any song I wanted to on the guitar.
It has been worth the struggle, the practicing, and continual learning. I am not a "natural," so have had to work harder than most.
When you first met the Lord, He started you out believing small, and as you got to know Him better, you came to realize He is capable of so much more than you were believing Him for; so you exercised your faith more and more. You believed Him so readily and easily as a child in Him.
Like I relied on my Mother and hung on her every word and move to teach me the uke, and later, the guitar, that's how we looked and listened to our Father. Somewhere down the line, we stopped listening and learning from Him for our every move, and we thought we could do this thing called "life" on our own.
What happened? We tried to be an adult in our believing, but GOD is saying, "Go back to your childlikeness, like you did on your Mother's knee, learning one on one, and step by step. Only, this time, hop up here on My Knee, rest your head on My Shoulder, and learn of Me."
My soul, wait silently for God alone,
For my expectation is from Him. Psalm 62:5
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