Tag Team for Jesus Christ
Stay Awake & On Course

Stay awake and on course
Don't you drift away
It's not the time to live for yourself.
GOD created us to do things His way.
He told us to "Put on the Mind of Christ"
So, we had best do it:
If you haven't started yet,
Please hurry and get to it!
Stay awake and on course
Drop anchor for awhile
Time to press in to GOD's Heart
C'mon! It's the last mile.
We're running in a race you know,
Don't look left or right,
Or you could easily get tripped up:
Look ahead and keep Jesus in sight.
Stay awake and run harder
Than you've ever ran before
For we're not running FROM anything;
We're running TO The Lord. Hallelujah Amen.
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