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Storing Up for Heaven

I'm learning to die for those I cry for.
Now to some that doesn't make a bit of sense; but Jesus said, "Greater love has no man than this: that he lay down his own life for his friends." I just had my good friend Frank call and was so burdened in his loving heart for one of his friends we prayed for. "If we sow in tears, we'll reap in joy." Isn't it Ezekiel 9 that says, God sent the angel out with the inkhorn to mark the foreheads of those who sigh and cry over the sins and a...bominations done? He said, “If you see a brother or sister commit a sin that is not unto death, ask and the Father will give life to them in that area."
There are too many souls that haven't been won, too many for us to waste time on ourselves. As the days of Noah were, so are these days: people living for the here and now, instead of realizing we are to live for the hereafter. We are to be planting and planting seeds. If we plant angry, harsh words, we'll get hurting and wounded people; if we plant loving, accepting, patient words, we get a person who experiences GOD and knows they're loved.
Let's get to planting what we want to see grown, and praying instead of turning our computer or t.v. on.
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