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Story Of The Lamp

My husband and I recently bought a "Lamp in a box." Yea right!
I say that, because when we got it home and opened the box it had 4,297,362 parts we had to put together in order for it to become light. Hmm, got me thinking. Jesus bought you, and paid the highest price for you because your package said, "Lamp" on it... it was stamped on by GOD Himself. Jesus bought you with His very Life. The Bible says, "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down His Own life for his friends."
When we bought the lamp, it wasn't a "lamp" yet. Jesus bought you, knowing your life would be in so many pieces; but He gave you the instruction manual (His Word, the Bible) in your own language, and He is the only One Who knows how you are to be put together, piece by piece.
Let's see, so we took all the pieces out of the box, laid them all out, got out the instruction booklet, and said..... "Huh?" Then we turned the pages over and read it in English (that was much easier.) Operation underway. I read the instructions while my husband instructed me as to how slow I should read it. HA!

* When you or I read the instructions in GOD's Word, then trust His grace is in us already to enable us to do what He says, then we please Him very much when we step out and obey Him. That's faith. How COOL is that!!
For instance, "Thanks be unto GOD Who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord." Our part is just to believe it, let go, and let Him do it in us, just like my husband giving me the responsibility of reading the instructions exactly as they are written, and believing he would perform what it said."
Yey, the Lamp looks great and does what we hoped it would, and that is, it illuminates the whole room. When you walk in a room, do people notice your outfit, or your light? Jesus wants to shine brightly in us, through us. Lord, whatever is in me that snuffs out the light, deliver me from these secret faults, and hold me back from committing what I would without Your leading, in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Dear One, Are you shinning? One time The Lord was wanting me to obey Him, but I put all the responsibility on Him and said, "I will when you give me the grace to do it, but I don't "feel" the power yet." Then He guided me to Romans 1 where He says, "You have already received grace to obey." Dadgum! I didn't know that. I sure liked it better the other way, but I'm without excuse now, so I let go, and trusted Him to do it through me. I sure hope this makes sense! Just a thought I was thinking.
(Thank you Janice Dawson for letting me read it to you & for helping me to see where I could make it plainer.

(I hope I did.)

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 03-24-15
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