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Story of The High Priest

A long time ago the Priest went in
To offer a sacrifice for the people’s sin
He had to take the blood of a spotless lamb
And he had to be the High Priest
Before The Great I AM.
Only the High Priest could enter the Holy of Holies
And sprinkle the blood on the altar there
He would offer the blood for his sins and theirs
On “The Day of Atonement,” which was once a year.
Before entering The Most Holy Place,
And going behind the veil:
His conscience had to be clean and pure:
His body too had to be well.
The High Priest could have no blemish, nor defect:
This is what GOD specified;
GOD’s glory shadowed the mercy seat
With an angel on each side.
Their sins were only cleansed for one year,
So Jesus offered Himself:
He became the sacrificial Lamb
And left all of Heaven’s wealth.
The day He died for you and for me,
The veil was torn in two:
Our Father’s love did that,
So we can enter in boldly, me and you.
We don’t need someone to enter in for us:
Jesus became our High Priest;
He was spotless and pure and poured out His Blood
He is the Greatest Who saves the least.
“The Day of Atonement” before Christ came,
Was only once a year;
But He made a way for you and I to be clean:
Won’t you let this be your day right here?!

According to the account of our rabbis preserved in the Talmud, the High Priest wore a rope around his waist as he made his way - absolutely alone - into the holy of holies. The rope he wore served a very practical purpose. Because, in the event that the High Priest said or did something wrong, it was generally believed that he would be struck dead for his offense. Yes, right then and there. As only the High Priest could enter the Holy of Holies, the rope enabled his assistants to safely pull the corpse of the High priest out of the inner-sanctum in the event of mishap. Which makes what Jesus did for us even more precious and powerful!
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