Tag Team for Jesus Christ
Surrounded By Angels

I know I'm needing more rest these days
I cannot speak to you as I would like
But I am surrounded by Angels ablaze
With the brightness of Heaven's light.
They sing to me as I am resting,
And tell me of beauties, rare
That await me in my new Home:
They tell me, "Jesus will be there!"
He will greet me as soon as I get there
I will behold His beautiful Face:
I will be in pain no longer,
I'll be in the Arms of Amazing Grace.
O don't weep for me that I'm leaving
We will only be apart a short while;
This is what I think on while sleeping,
In case you wonder what makes me smile.
I know it seems the pain medication
Has stolen valuable time;
But please don't think of it that way,
If you want to have peace of mind.
I need this quiet time for the transition
Please, you take this time too:
To pray for GOD's will, He knows how you feel;
And please take good care of you!
For we are surrounded by Angels
Together, my sweet love!
These are the thoughts given to me
By these beautiful Angels above.
For you Barry, and all our family and loved ones of Toni Janice.
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