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Don't you love it when you're trying to help someone understand what GOD is saying, and while you're praying inside asking Him to help you say it "real" and "clearly," the words come out of your mouth, and you're learning from your own lips?! When I asked the inmates, "Who does GOD give grace to?" they were all silent; but so was I. HA! That's because I didn't know where the Lord was going with it, I was just opening my mouth and yielding it to what He wanted to say through me. It was then I remembered the Scripture, "GOD resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble." It's like He puts up the stiff Arm and Hand that says, "Talk to the Hand" because He resists the proud (the one who frets, worries, and fears, instead of casting their cares on Him.) In 1 Peter 5 at the end of verse 5-7 GOD tells us through Peter, "and be clothed with humility, for GOD resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. So, humble yourselves under the mighty Hand of GOD, THEN He will exalt you in due time."
I love it when He tells us HOW to do something. Next verse tells us how to humble ourselves: "casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you."
Last night we ate out and couldn't help but notice a middle aged man grimacing as he limped by, favoring one leg over the other. I hurried and asked him, "Sir, are you hurting really bad?" I almost burst into tears for his pain. His answer startled me. The man named "Nathan" said, "Yes, I'm hurting alright!" We asked if we could pray for him and he smiled then nodded his head and said, "Go ahead" as he continued out the door. After about 5 minutes, the man returned, looked at me and said, "I'm sorry if I seemed rude, may I sit down?" He began expressing to us his pain: he said, "I'm hurting, but not so much in my body as I am just inside." I wanted to lay in the floor and cry for him. It was then I realized, I felt like he did and had been holding in a lot of emotions from my Mother's passing, and not getting to be with the family! I was aching like this man, but it wasn't until he opened up and told us why, that I realized Nathan and I both needed to do what The Lord had laid on my heart to tell the inmates, and that is to "humble yourself under the mighty hand of GOD by casting all your cares over on Jesus." Ahhh, I'm still doing that this morning, and feeling better already. Maybe someone reading this needs to join me.
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