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The Bread of Life

Have you noticed the store windows lately? Everywhere you look, huge Teddy Bears, and stuffed animals of all sorts, getting ready for
Valentine’s Day.

I'd like to ask you if you don't mind: Have you ever been starved for food, and been close to death? I have. Have you been hospitalized for malnutrition? I have. Have you ever been in a coma for days, then came to and was angry because you were still alive, but later found out if you had died, you wouldn't have gone to Heaven? I have. I have witnessed the goodness of GOD many times in my life, before I ever knew Him.

I used to say, "He didn't have to help me" but the truth is, He did. Remember when He said to His disciples, "I must needs go to Samaria." Jesus said He needed to go. Why? Because He knew the lost state of a woman there not too many had anything to do with, except for men of low estate looking for a woman to sin with who was in the same condition. Jesus needed to reveal His love and His plan for her life to the woman, so she would see she didn't have to live that way. GOD, through His Son, Jesus, delivered her, as He did me, out of the power of darkness; and transferred her into the kingdom of
His dear Son, Jesus.

We all have seen photos of starving children, even adults; but there are many around who are starving spiritually, and may not even know it. There is a "famine for the hearing of The Word of GOD" just like it says in the book of Joel. Are you starving spiritually? Are you hungry in your spirit man, but have tried to fill your hunger with many things to no avail?

I encourage you to go to the "Bread of Life" which is the person of Jesus Christ. His Word is the living Bread, that feeds your emotions, your mind, and your will, in a place where only GOD can reach with His Words. "Man shall not live by bread (food for the stomach) alone; but by every Word that comes out of the Mouth of GOD."

I wished so badly I knew how to get across to some people, why the Word of GOD is so important to me, and to read! The only thing that comes to me is, the stuffed animals at the store: you can buy one, hug it, hold it, talk to it, but it can’t listen, it can’t talk back… it isn’t alive. The Words of GOD are living, they are alive and powerful enough to raise a dead person to life.

Going to anything or anyone but GOD, is like reaching for a stuffed animal for comfort instead of to GOD, the real deal.
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