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The Darkest Time Of My Life

Over thirty years ago, my life was changed forever
A man must have thought it would be cool to treat me like a lover
Except there was no love involved, he thought only of himself
His fantasy was cruel and mean: I wasn't even twelve.
I wonder as I pray for him when so many years have passed,
Did he ever overcome his selfishness at last?
O, I hope he didn't hurt anybody else!
GOD, if he's alive, please turn him from himself;
Make him to see the fantasies that are made up in his mind
Are only to steal, and to kill - laughter and life from his
victims left behind!

And Father GOD, if someone reading this needs healing
From all of the emotional pain, You know how they are feeling:
So, I ask You bless them by pouring out your Amazing Grace,
And help them until they can forgive, and forget their predator's face.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.
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