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Last night at jail, a young lady called me aside and told me "Ever since I got saved, everything my Grandma and Grandpa has tried to drill in my head is finally all coming together and making sense!" I asked her when she met the Lord and had got saved. She replied, "Just this past November
with ya'll's ministry in here."

It was such a huge encouragement! I want to encourage you reading this: if you are planting seeds and wonder if you ever do any good, you are doing a lot of good. The Lord keeps us humble to not always let us see the fruit, but remember, "Every good thing comes from above, from the Father of lights" so if you are planting His truths, it's from Him, and like the rain comes down and doesn't return upward, His Words will not return, but will accomplish
what He intended.

Keep up the good work and keep your eyes looking for needs to meet, and He'll surely send them. You are doing more good than you know. People are hungry for "real" and to see someone who is "all" Christian, not part and part.
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