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The Footsteps of Jesus

Dear Reader:
I prayed this for you today: Father, You have a plan for each life reading or hearing this. There are some who follow You from afar. There are others who want to be right where You are. Out of all Your Disciples You loved, You had one who not only turned his back on You, but he turned You over to those who opposed You, and he did it for a measly few bucks.
And Jesus, out of the other 11, You had 3 who followed You the closest; and out of the 3, there was 1 who seemed to love You most. O GOD, I don't know where each one is, I don't even know where I am, but I'm asking You to bring us heart to Heart with Yours. O, let us hear what You hear. Let us not give in to looking inward to where we are, but instead, look upward to where You are, and make it our goal to meet You there.
There are so many things Father, to distract us, allure and entice us, pull and push us away from Your will; nevertheless, help us keep our sights on denying our self, taking up our Cross/Your will, and following Jesus. Some of us have lost our way and can't seem to find the footsteps of Jesus. May we ask You, if it's okay, will You backtrack please until You catch up to us, and let us follow Your lit up steps from there please? And just one more thing Lord: will You put us on Your Shoulders for a little bit, so we can have that constant One on one time for however long we need it first please. Your will be done in the earth core of our being, as it is in Heaven I pray
in Jesus' Name,
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