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The Fourth Man

A few words of encouragement for those going through the fire: In Daniel 3, it says, 1. The fourth Man was with them (Who was Jesus) hallelujah. 2. The fire had no power over them. 3. They came out of the fire. 4. Their hair wasn't singed, the clothes were not changed, and not even the smell of the smoke was able to cling to them. (Verse 27.) Verse 28 GOD "delivered His servants who trusted in Him, and who yielded their bodies that they might not serve nor worship any other god, except the one true GOD." Afterward, even the one who ordered they be thrown into the fire said himself, "There is no other god who can deliver like this."
The three Hebrew boys even got a promotion after this. So, hang in there. Keep trusting, and believing GOD for what He said. Glorify GOD in the fire: you're going to make it. Can't you hear Jesus saying to you, "Ain't I gotcha? Yes I do!"
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