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The Girl Called Ineeda

What are we even here for? What does life mean?
Is long term happiness out of reach? It seems like just a dream.
Once upon a time there lived an unhappy young lady
Who wondered what she could possibly do about it maybe:
She had the wrong perspective on how her life should go;
But how to feel complete or where to start, she didn’t know.
She got the name “Ineeda” from the things she talked about
People said she was self-absorbed and had such a hard heart.
She’d say, “Ineeda flatter stomach, Ineeda new eyebrow!
Ineeda new teeth whitener! I need it all right now!
Ineeda face lift! Ineeda fill-in for my wrinkles!
Ineeda new gift, one that will give me goose pimples!
Ineeda lifter for my lips, a body-shaper for my hips!
My eyes are brown, but I want blue; so Ineeda pair of contacts too.
Ineeda spot taken off my skin, so I will look young again. O, and Ineeda get a tan!
Ineeda funnier comedian, so I can laugh real hard again.
Ineeda little more of this and a whole lot more of that!
Ineeda brand new hairstyle, and Ineeda brand new hat!
Ineeda read my horoscope, so I will know how to cope!
Ineeda smoke some weed again, because I feel like such a “has been.”
Ineeda little bit a’coke! Ineeda get myself stoked.
Ineeda feel that high again, or else I might go off the deep end.
“I” “I” “I”… is what she talks about
Because she doesn’t know her purpose, and is trying to figure it out.
I want so badly to tell her, but she won’t listen to the truth,
And that’s why she’s unhappy, and wasting all her youth.
The devil lies and says to her, “You’re in a rut, just give up!”
But, that’s a bunch a muck. I wished I could tell her, “You gotta be tough… All you’ll do is cluck if you’re a chicken, the clock’s tickin’! Be brave, and be strong! Don’t be playin’ them drinkin’ songs! Come on now!
I know you’re used to numbing out the pain, but GOD can be trusted, why not call on His Name? Try looking your responsibilities in the face, learn to pray and put the devil in his place!
He’ll tell you “You’re a disgrace” but when you receive GOD’s grace, He’ll teach you how to stand up to him in the power of Jesus’ Name.
When you get tired of running a game, and playing with those who cause you pain, and ruining your name, and only wanting what they can get off of you, and you use them too. It leaves you both empty till you don’t like each other for what you feel inside, it can’t be denied, and you cry, and wonder when things will get better. They won’t on their own, and the devil steals from you till you feel numb and alone.
The truth is, we just need to turn to Jesus! While we were committing the worst sins, He was taking our sins on Him. He knew we deserved to suffer the pain, but He loved us too much to watch us suffer the shame, and He made a way for us to be forgiven for every wrong we would do while we’re livin’ and all He wants is for us to realize we can’t but He can in us if we’ll leave our lives.
He will abide in us when we leave our self and follow Jesus..
GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 05-20-15
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