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The Little Children

Tears stream down my face from the deepest part of my heart
as I read about Jesus taking the little children up in His Arms, then laid His hands on them, and blessed them after He told the rest of the people there, "Do not forbid the little children to come unto Me: for of such is the kingdom of GOD. Assuredly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of GOD as a little child will by no means enter into Heaven." Right after that, this man came running to Him and asked Him what he must do "to inherit eternal life?" The man just called Jesus, "Good Teacher" because he didn't know Jesus for Who He really was yet; kind of like some people today who don't mean any harm by it, but call GOD, "the man upstairs" or "the guy in the sky." He told the man, "You know the commandments: "Do not commit adultery, Do not murder, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Do not lie; Honor your father and your mother." The man said, "I've done all of these since I was a child." Then in verse 21 of Mark 10, Jesus looked upon the man and loved him, then told the man, "There was one thing he lacked;
he needed to give up what meant the most to him. It makes me think of when Jesus asked, "Do you love Me more than these?"  The man went away sad, because he just couldn't give up his possessions.  Esau found no way to change his mind, though he tried to with many tears, after he gave up the life GOD purposed for him on the earth, for one stinking lust of the flesh; a few moments of self-gratification. Esau realized too late, It's just not worth it!! If you are one who thinks GOD was unfair to not give Esau another chance, please hear this verse: Job 40:7, 8 GOD told him to man up:
"I will ask you a question and I want you to answer Me" GOD said: "Would you annul My judgment? Would you condemn Me, so that you may be justified?" That is, we cannot say to GOD, "But Lord, don't You know we're in the 21st century? We just can't obey You like You want us to."
If we do not change what GOD is pointing out to us, then we have no fear of GOD, it says in Isaiah 55:19. Please let us all together love Jesus "more than these." GOD bless you as you live for Him.
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